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Do you want to be the first to see the best investments?

In Monk's Market Moves, you will be the first to see my every single trade in the stock market. Every buy or sell will be updated live right here and on email to you guys. Including the current price, how many shares I bought or sold, the reason for my move, the target price, risk factor of the company, and a valuation.

You'll get a complete 100% transparent look at my stock portfolio. That's every position I'm currently in, whether it's all in the market or if I'm all cash. It's a glass window into my mind and investments, with daily email updates of my current portfolio and thoughts for future moves.

Including a section with stocks I'm interested in, updated every single time a new stock comes up in my radar. I give you the reason I'm interested in buying them in the future. These are my stock picks for the upcoming months, updated weeks ahead of my videos. Be one step ahead of everyone.

These are all real trades I've made, without having a loss on any swing trade so far. I'm a conservative investor with a goal of preserving capital, while finding a few gems here and there for a nice boost of profits.

You shouldn't follow anyone when trading stocks, so you shouldn't use this group as a way to copy investments. Instead, you should join this group for a source of valuable information on stocks, explained very simply so the average investor can understand it. Take advantage of this wealth of knowledge and experience right now.

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You know me from my Youtube channel, and here's more about me: I started my own online business as a teenager that's currently making six figures a year. After that business took off, I started investing in the stock market. As a long term investor, I've not suffered a loss in any stocks so far. I have over $300,000 invested in the stock market right now. I'm here to share my investing knowledge in a simple to understand way. Any purchase you make directly supports me and The Monk Way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to pay for this group?
You are billed one time every month once you're subscribed.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, you can cancel with one click on your profile.
Do coupons last forever?
Yes, you will only pay the discounted price every month.
What if I am unhappy with the group?
You will receive a full refund for the current month.
Will I be receiving instant email updates?
Yes, make sure to click "I agree to receive emails updates." when signing up.
I have a question for Monk?
You can contact me directly on email once you're subscribed.

DISCLAIMER: This group is for educational purposes only. I'm not a financial adviser and non of this is financial advice. By joining, you agree that I can't guarantee you returns in the stock market, no one can. The stock market could crash at any time, and we could all be down 50%. You should never follow anyone when investing with your money. Use the information available to you to make your own decisions. This group should not be used as a guide to tell you where to put your money, only as a source of information about stocks for that extra edge.

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